Trump/Russia: A Definitive History

Trump/Russia: A Definitive History Book Cover Trump/Russia: A Definitive History
Seth Hettena
General History
Melville House

This is a good summary of the numerous contacts/relationships connecting Trump to Russia, dating all the way back to the 80s. Personally I find it very disturbing, and certainly ground for a thorough investigation.

But the author also describes other strange relationships in the book, for instance between Fusion GPS, Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya, the Prevezon case, and Bill Browder. What is going on there?

I've only given this book four stars because most of the information in the book is not really news to anyone that has been reading the press on these issues attentively on an ongoing basis; if you have not, this book would be an excellent primer on Trump/Russia. Generally an interesting, easy, read.

Interesting but familiar
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