Tigers in the Mud

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Tigers in the Mud Book Cover Tigers in the Mud
Stackpole Military History Series
Otto Carius
Military History
Stackpole Books

This is one of the better books I've read on WWII tank action at the tactical level. The author addresses not only tank combat, but the whole spectrum of activity at the tactical level--the conduct of route-recon, the vital necessity, and often complete lack, of infantry support, the critical importance of maintenance and vehicle recovery operations, the impact of initiative (or lack thereof) by junior officers, etc.

This book is also interesting because it describes many of the personal aspects of the German military: how the author's commander refused him a jeep necessary for combat operations so that the commander could go womanizing; the relationship between the Werhmacht and SS, and the status of nobleman-officers in the army.

The only thing I didn't like about the book was his repeated harping about how post-war German society betrayed the WWII veterans (...OK, we get the picture...), and to a lesser extent, his scathing remarks about the US army and soldiers (but he is entitled to his opinion, I suppose).

Overall, very highly recommended for those interested in tactical armored combat or the Eastern Front.


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