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The Battle for Moscow

Title: The Battle for Moscow Author: David Stahel Genre: Military History Publisher: Cambridge University Press Release Date: 2015 Format: Kindle Pages: 456 Readers of Stahel's other books will know what to expect in this volume... This book is less an account of the military campaign itself (it does not go into much detail about the

Red Fortress: History and Illusion in the Kremlin

Title: Red Fortress: History and Illusion in the Kremlin Author: Catherine Merridale Genre: General History Publisher: Metropolitan Books Release Date: 2013 Format: Kindle Pages: 528 I bought this book after reading several glowing reviews. I live in Moscow very near the Kremlin, so expected to learn many interesting facts about the place. Unfortunately, in this

Moscow to Stalingrad

Title: Moscow to Stalingrad Series: US Army Green Book Author: Earl Ziemke Genre: Military History Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC Release Date: 1989 (Hardcover) Format: Kindle Pages: 576 This is an excellent general history for the period of the war, and at $2 (current price for Kindle edition) is a great deal--definitely worth buying and

The Retreat

Title: The Retreat Author: Michael Jones Genre: Military History Publisher: John Murray Release Date: 2009 Format: Kindle Pages: 368 This is an excellent book for what it is, which is a collection of German-centric anecdotes from fall 41-spring 42 regarding the fighting around Moscow. The author includes numerous memorable accounts about the fighting during this