Stalingrad 1942–1943: The Infernal Cauldron

Stalingrad 1942–1943: The Infernal Cauldron Book Cover Stalingrad 1942–1943: The Infernal Cauldron
Stephen Walsh
Military History
Amber Books Ltd

This is a good, but rather brief, history of the Stalingrad campaign. While the book does a decent job of summarizing the campaign, the following issues detracted from the book for me:

1) The paper version of the book apparently comes with many excellent photos, but the kindle version has no photos and no maps (mentioned in the product description, although I overlooked it).

2) The book has very few personal recollections--I recall 3-4, all from the German side. No big deal, but this is not the book for someone looking for personal accounts.

3) At least in the kindle version, the book has no footnotes, citations, bibliography, etc.

So in conclusion, this book is a good concise history of the battle, but not for everyone. If you are looking for more detail (and maps, and citations...), look at Glantz's volumes; if you want personal accounts, look at Michael Jones, William Craig, or Beevor.

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