Category: Military Bio

Napoleon: A Life

Title: Napoleon: A Life Author: Andrew Roberts Genre: Military History Publisher: Penguin Books Release Date: 2014 Format: Kindle Pages: 846 I can't really add much to the 381 (as of the time of this review) other reviews, but did want to add my five star rating for this excellent book. While I've read a few

Stalin’s Generals

Title: Stalin's Generals Author: Harold Shukman Genre: Military History Publisher: Phoenix Release Date: 2002 Format: Paperback Pages: 416 This book includes helpful summary backgrounds for 26 Soviet generals. The summaries range from 6-22 pages, with most of them in the 10-12 page range. Generally, the summaries are rather dry "just-the-facts" descriptions of their careers, with

The Iron Marshall: A Biography of Louis N. Davout

Title: The Iron Marshall: A Biography of Louis N. Davout Author: Professor John G. Gallaher B.A. M.A. Ph.D. Genre: Military History Publisher: Southern Illinois University Press Release Date: 1976 Format: Hardcover Pages: 432 This is a well-written history and deserves a five-star rating. While the author clearly admires Davout, he contributes clear and objective discussion